What is an Advertiser?

  • An Advertiser is anyone who has a message he wishes people to see. You may or may not have a website to be an advertiser. Your message as an image or script is placed on different places in websites all over the area you target your ad to. People will see this banner like a billboard and call you, click to your website or follow any other instruction you have on the banner. Click link to watch ‘how to advertise’ video

What is a Advertisement Zone?

  • An advertising zone is simply the type of the ad, and size of the ad. It refers to the dimensions and the form, whether image, java, html, video, etc. Different zones are just different options to create ads as. The advertiser creates an ad zone. The publisher selects a zone and places it in a ‘place’ on his website.

What is an Impression?

  • An impression is a single count of ad viewership. Once anyone anywhere loads up a website page that has your ad on it. n impression is recorded. Depending on the placement of your ad and how striking it is, an impression may or may not reflect the possibility that the person on the website actually saw your ad. It is on the page thoug, and depending on size, it is either in hs face or very small, he is not likely to notice it.

What is a click?

  • A click is more representative of interest and notice than an impression. A click means that the peron on the website where your ad came up/made an impression, actually saw it, was interested and did not only take mental note of your domain name like a billboard, nor did he merely write the domain down, he left what he was doing on the site and actually clicked through to your webiste.

What is a Keyword?

  • A keyword is a word or couple of words that represents a human interest. It could be ‘love fast cars,’ or ‘cheap clothes,’ any thing can be a keyword. Keyword based ads pull up on websites or pages that are related to the keywords the advertiser put in his ad. Hence when a user who likes fast cars is on a car article, the ad that will pull up will be related to the article based on keywords. This type of advertising targets most likely customers. It uses a focus so-to-say and does not shoot wildly. Little surprise it is the more expensive of advertising choices.

What is a Place?

  • A publisher place is that area on your website were you put ad scripts from AdMention. These are where different advertisers ads will show up. Publishers create places with names and information about the advert zone they intend to put in that place. A name of a place for instance could be- ‘AdMention top rt corner 250×250.’ Then the publisher selects an ad zone that fits the size of this place, it could be video, text, banner, etc of size stated in place name for easy recollection. Next he goes ahead and grabs the code generated by AdMention after creating and configuring the place and also deciding whether he prefers click, impression or keyword based advertiser ads on his website in that place. He then pastes the code in the widget or template script of his website. Ads will show on that place from AdMention advertisers and he will generate income specific to that place. The stats of the place income generated can be checked on user home. Publishers can create as many ‘places’ as they wish.

How to Put ads on your website

  • A publisher places ads on his website by first logging in to his account. Then click on ‘New Place,’ then choose a name for the new place and type this in ‘Create a new place,’ Title box. Select the size of the ad you wish to place on your website that fits the area on your webpages or widget dimensions where this ad will show. There are different size ads to choose from. Click submit and go ahead to now choose what tyoe of ad you want to display in this place, impressions and clicks ads or ads which only come up when they are ‘called’ by certain keywords in your website content. Now submit and grab the advertising code and place this in the place on your website html, or widget. That’s it. Ads should start showing on your website.
  • Examples of our publisher websites where your ads will be seen: